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My New Favorite Capri Pocket Leggings

I’ve got a new addiction—a simple addiction actually. The new SA Exclusive Black Solid Capri Pocket Leggings from! As a mom who likes to be comfortable, and a perinatal yoga teacher who likes to stretch and move, I’m a bit particular when it comes to leggings. I would say since becoming a mom, I’ve become more particular about three things: coffee, dark chocolate, and leggings.

As a result, I’ve tried a lot of leggings (and coffee & dark chocolate too, but we will save that conversation for another day😉) ranging from the $10 price tag from Amazon & Target as well as $100 price tag from Lululemon & Beyond Yoga. I can tell you that I’m going to be reaching for these SA Exclusive Black Solid Capri Pocket Leggings again and again. Here’s why...

1. Mom-tummy approved! This is high on my list because I’m all about high-waisted bottoms now. Remember our high school days of low-waisted bell bottoms?? Well those days are in the past so time to embrace the present and rock those high waisted leggings, mamas. In my opinion they are SO much more comfortable. And I was happy to give these specific leggings the walk test. I went for a 2 mile walk in these and didn’t have to pull them up (you know how some leggings keep sliding down? Not these!) or down (if some leggings aren’t sliding down, they’re riding up—not with these).

2. Passed the see-through test! I purposely wore light colored underwear when I did these photos to show you that the fabric is thick enough to not be see-through. I find when leggings are priced this well they are often see-through—you don’t have to worry about that with these SA Exclusive Black Solid Capri Pocket Leggings.

3. Fabulous fabric! Super soft material that was cooling to wear even in Palm Springs 100 degree days. I also went a few wears without washing these to see how quickly they stretch out. They fit just as well the third time I wore them without washing as the first. Once I did wash them (and you line dry FYI), there was no pilling (unlike my expensive Beyond Yoga leggings!)

4. The pockets! With as many pairs of leggings as I have, this is actually my first leggings with pockets. Let me tell you, I will now be buying my leggings with pockets on the side because what mom can’t benefit from freeing up her hands? My iPhone 11 fits easily into the side pocket and stays there (again no sliding around!). And who always needs their chapstick with them?? These sleek side pockets will take care of that for you.

5. Simple Sizing! I typically get medium or large for leggings, but with these I decided to try the S/M (recommended for sizing up to 12, M/L is sizing up to 18, Curvy is 18-24). They were tiny when they came out of the package, but because of the fabulous fabric (see above 😉) they stretched in all the right places to fit just right. I never like playing the guessing game with online shopping—Simple Addiction makes it easy.

6. The price! How can you say no to $14.99 leggings? It’s a steal, especially when often runs sales. The day this blogpost is published you can use the code SPRING25 for 25% off your total purchase. I’ve seen a few BOGO deals as well, so make sure you’re following me on Instagram @hellojenniejune as well as @simpleaddiction to get the news on the latest steals!

Ready to grab a pair of SA Exclusive Black Solid Capri Pocket Leggings from What mama doesn’t need one more pair of leggings, right??! 👇

And while you’re adding items to your cart, you will want to be sure to grab some Harem Shorts and Joggers—flattering and incredibly comfortable. They are also made of the softest material! Like I said, it's an addiction😁

Tag me on Instagram @hellojenniejune when your order arrives! Would love to know how your new leggings feel.

sending coffee & sunshine your way,

jennie june xo

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