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What is Hello Breastfeeding?

  • A complete breastfeeding course that is text message based sent over 23 days that has short videos (the majority 5 minutes or less!) sent directly to your phone

  • You will receive a text message every weekday and Saturday with the option to catch up on lessons on Sunday

Why Hello Breastfeeding?

  • Created by a registered nurse and breastfeeding counselor (who also breastfed her own two girls!) with years of experience working in the hospital setting teaching breastfeeding courses and leading breastfeeding support groups

  • One of a kind format: TEXT MESSAGE BASED! I get it- you are busy! My students would ask me questions based on things they watched on TikToks, or give feedback that 2-3 hours is too long for a course. So how about the majority of lessons being 5 minutes or less a day in bite-sized lessons that you can actually absorb the information from?

  • The completion rate for most online courses is only 15%! I have done the same thing- you buy the course with the best intentions, but then life happens and suddenly is seems like a lot of work to log back into the website and do another module. With my course, you get daily lessons texted right to your phone. No need to search for your link or login required- it's simple and short!

  • No shaming! My mentality is that mom's mental health comes first, and for some moms breastfeeding is too overwhelming. You will always have my support no matter how your breastfeeding journey goes.

  • Access to me! A lot of online courses are created by an organization, which, maybe if you're lucky, you can access their Help Center. With my course, you can contact me and you'll actually hear back- from me, not a robot :) 

Jennie was an answer to prayer. I was two weeks postpartum with a baby who was having a hard time latching and was losing weight each day, a body that couldn’t carry my big baby’s car seat due to a traumatic csection, and an overwhelmed mind! She was so patient and kind... I would not have survived postpartum without Jennie. She educated without judging and was so patient with all my questions!


Jennie is amazing! I loved learning from her as a new breastfeeding mom. She is so sweet and kind. I love how she gives honest straight forward advice while being supportive and encouraging! I felt like I could be vulnerable and vent--and that's so important especially in the early days of learning when it feels the hardest.

Jessica D

Having Jennie in your corner for all things birth is a MUST! She is not only an expert in her field, but genuinely passionate about a momma's well being. Her classes are welcoming and relevant. Committing to one of her events is exactly what your calendar needs.


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Ready to sign up?

First, you'll need to agree to the Terms & Conditions of this course by submitting your electronic signature here:

After submitting your electronic signature at the Terms & Conditions link above, you will be able to purchase the course here:

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